Wednesday, 3 August 2011

"To be a Gunner"

This is a personal phrase of mine and I first stared saying it in the 2009-2010 season (if memory serves right). I started saying it because my friends were constantly questioning my loyalty to 'the arsenal' ( this due to me continual rants about arsenal short comings in important matches), and to avoid the back talking and debates, i would simple reply "to be a gunner".

To be a Gunner has no one meaning, or simple explanation. I like to think "to be a gunner" means all of the following: have to love football have to love arsenal have to have faith have to love beautiful football have to be strong and keep to your philosophy no matter what other may say have to be patient get mad when arsenal...and i mean "ARSENAL" does not show up for a match and get beaten in a game they should win by a mile rant when a player in the arsenal shirts says or does something not in-keeping with the arsenal spirit.

Now this is just a small list of the things "to be a gunner" means to me. It may mean anything to any arsenal fan.

Its just an expression...its just my feelings..its my love


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